Citgo expands Simón Bolívar Foundation to serve Venezuelan workers


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Citgo extended the Simón Bolívar mission, so at its headquarters in Houston he held the event “Continuing the Conversations to discuss the health crisis in Venezuela” where solutions that help Venezuelan workers were discussed.

At the working tables were present doctors and non-governmental organizations who addressed the situation facing Venezuelans and explained how NGOs have been able to help alleviate suffering, thanks to the optimization of International Cooperation.

The invited Organizations thanked the community approach that the Simón Bolívar Foundation has had since the Legitimate Government assumed Citgo. They explained that the new management, unlike the previous one, which was characterized by its lack of transparency and communication, is making an effort to increase the impact on the Venezuelan community in Houston in order to facilitate and multiply its capacity to help Venezuelan refugees and those who suffer directly from the crisis in Venezuela.

The President of the Board of Directors of Citgo, Luisa Palacios, explained that the objective of this project, which will be sought to expand in the future, is “to join efforts to alleviate the health crisis in Venezuela.

This new initiative of the Simón Bolívar Foundation will optimize and multiply the help that Citgo offers to Venezuelans and will boost the strengthening and professionalization of NGOs that are currently dedicated to offering Humanitarian Aid in Venezuela and Venezuelan refugees in the United States.


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