Learn the story of Joaquín Phoenix “The Joker” in Venezuela


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But beyond that, his fans in Venezuela have gone mad to learn that there is a great link between this actor and our country, which he visited as a child with his parents, who remained in a religious sect.

It turns out that the actor’s parents, Arlyn Phoenix and John Lee Bottom, led a religious sect years ago called Children of God, translated into Spanish “Son of God,” in which they were named “archbishops” of the sect in Venezuela and on the island of Trinidad, they traveled to Caracas along with Joaquin when he was just a child. Even his younger sister, Liberty Mariposa, was born in Caracas on July 5, 1976.

“They received a letter, or whatever it came from, any suggestion of that and they said ‘to shit #, we are leaving here,'” said the 44-year-old actor, adding “I think they were idealists and believed they were with a group that shared their beliefs and values. I think they were probably looking for security and family. ”

These statements came to light after Joaquín’s interview with Vanity Fair. And on Pinterest the photos of the Phoenix brothers singing in Caracas are published.


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