Maite Delgado denied that she will cheer up the Miss Grand International


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After a wave of rumors that said Maite Delgado would cheer on the Miss Grand International 2019, Venezuela’s number one cheerleader finally broke the silence and issued a statement denying that information.

And much has been speculated about the animators of this temple, which will be held for the first time at the Polyhedron of Caracas on October 25, in which Valentina Figuera will represent our country and seek to win the crown.

It has also sounded strongly that Clara Sosa, current Queen of the Miss Grand International could be the cheerleader of the contest. In addition, it is rumored that Rafael Oropeza would be co-animator of the event with former Miss Tulia Alemán, although they have not yet revealed anything on their social networks. The international contest will be broadcast on Televen.

Recall that the 57 candidates arrived in the country of the arepas a few days ago for the events before the final gala. They even went to the center of Caracas for a photo shoot that left more than one crazy, because in the middle of the day they moved the women to the Plaza Bolivar when a stir between the people of Caracas.

And this weekend they were doing an extensive tour of the tourist areas of Caracas such as the Waraira Repano cable car and the beaches of La Guaira.

It also came to light that upon becoming known this year’s headquarters some candidates withdrew for fear of their safety due to the country’s situation. But the organization has informed that in every day that women will be in Venezuela they will have strict private and government security, as well as international journalists who will attend the final gala.


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