Guillermo García on Venezuela: I’m tired of so much show


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Venezuelan actor Guillermo García speaks again about the situation that Venezuela is going through and asks: ‘Until when the hell?».

Garcia went to his Instagram profile with the sole intention of expressing his fatigue for not seeing Venezuela improve.

«I’m tired of so much show, I take away the challenges between politicians and the underground negotiations without any way out. Until when the fuck? I am exhausted of waiting for something to happen and seeing so much misery that it increases with a rush that stuns, that overwhelms and the worst, that it accustoms », is the message that appears in the image.

To accompany the capture, the interpreter of important Venezuelan melodramas wrote: «My beautiful Venezuela, you don’t deserve any of this. I want to heal you, take care of yourself and walk you. Thank you for raising me and although today I am somewhat far away, I dedicate my art and when we are together again, I will see you free and sheltering us with your peace of mind ».

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that the man has spoken against the Chavista government, since he has used his Instagram on several occasions to make a call to contribute to the improvement of his native country.


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