Duke will deliver evidence against Colombian armed groups in Venezuela


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President Iván Duque, in his speech at the UN General Assembly, emphasized the fight against drug trafficking in Colombia, referring to a recent attack that Colombia received in response to the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, warning that the Colombian government cowed by those threats or ideologies.

He claims at least 4.2 million people have left Venezuela, fleeing from a rich nation that is now a dictatorial government, without fear of institutions. He said Venezuela was a power that has destroyed the dictator of Maduro.

«Venezuelans fled from hunger, we have welcomed our brothers with understanding that we will continue to reach out to them. We have created different instruments to help Venezuelans », he said, having approved the nationality of children born in Colombia to Venezuelan parents.

He warns that the Venezuelan dictatorship is another link, that they are followers of the Colombian mafia and ignore any norm, announcing that it has evidence against the Venezuelan narco-government. “We have evidence of support from the drug trafficking dictatorship and I will give the evidence to the UN secretary, there are 128 pages where Nicolas Maduro is shown with Colombian terrorist posters.”

Duque will present a list of 20 people who betrayed Colombians who are in Venezuela, plus 1,400 men located in Venezuelan territory, with testimonies of Venezuelans who affirm the presence of the ELN in Venezuela and the existence of 20 tracks in the service of drug trafficking with support from Maduro .

President Duque reiterated his support for the interim president Juan Guaidó, addressing that Venezuela needs the cessation of usurpation, transitional government, free elections and recovery of the law.

In his speech to the UN General Assembly, he spoke with the issue of the climate crisis, clarifying that 50% of Colombian unemployed are located in part of the Amazon, calling for reflection and acting locally.

He applauded the world’s youth for fighting for the issues and calling on world leaders to support this cause.

He said that deforestation in the Amazon and forested areas are related to armed groups associated with drug trafficking, committing to plant more than 100,000 trees by 2022.

He also announced that he has signed a pact with Amazonian countries to strengthen the ability to protect and prevent damage to the Amazon


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