Ismael García denounced that Venezuela “is a sanctuary of narcos”


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Ismael García, deputy of the National Assembly, denounced on Saturday that Venezuela became a sanctuary for terrorist and drug trafficking groups, “sponsored by Nicolás Maduro and his regime.”

Through a press release, deputy García explained that “drug trafficking has a channel such as Telesur, strategically mounted by Hugo Chávez. Today it operates throughout Latin America with impunity, spreading the operations they do ».

Deputy Garcia also indicated that this “becomes an alert for all these peoples and their governments. In their homes they will have the operations that the narco-guerrilla does.

«The leaders of the National Liberation Army (ELN) have said they will have a post office from Venezuela. For the continent it means a danger to the security and sovereignty of the region ».

Garcia also said that “this places the fight in another context. However, I am pleased that we take this issue and place it as one of the most important priorities ».

“For twelve years I have been making specific complaints regarding drug trafficking, corruption and terrorism, such as the case of Makled (Walid). There, senior military leaders were involved in that operation, particularly Hugo Carvajal and Diosdado Cabello, ”he said.

Finally Ismael García congratulated the meeting between Foreign Ministers Julio Borges (Venezuela) and Carlos H. Trujillo (Colombia), noting that both countries “must move to more severe actions in the face of the serious situation.”


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