«They have not succeeded in lowering their heads»: Jesus Medina’s message one year after his arrest


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The graphic reporter Jesús Medina sent a message to all Venezuelans on Thursday after one year of his detention in the military prison of Ramo Verde for the alleged crime of instigating hatred and crouching.

«I stand firm in my fight, they have not been able to break me, they have not managed to lower my head. I am stronger than ever, ”wrote the Medina in a letter filtered on social networks.

The press worker asked the opposition political leaders to join in a single fight and demand the release of the more than 500 political prisoners in Venezuela.

“I ask for the freedom of all since we are equal behind bars (…) we ask that you do not forget us, we are holding on,” Medina insisted to whom his health has deteriorated as the days go by.

The graphic reporter recalled that his fight is for all young Venezuelans who, with cardboard shields, took to the streets for the freedom of Venezuela.

«I fight on behalf of the thousands of people who have died these 20 years. I fight for the companions of the press who have had to silence for fear. I raise my voice for those who have nothing to eat. I denounce the reality of those who die in hospitals today due to lack of medication, ”he said.

«I returned to fight for my country and for those who had to leave their homeland; some looking to improve their future, others for persecution and the majority for fear, ”Medina added.

Medina was deprived of freedom on August 29, 2018 at the Plaza Venezuela station of the Caracas Metro by officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin), after he made a report on the country’s hospital crisis.

Two days later, the Control Court 13 decreed the deprivation of liberty and set the Ramo Verde military prison as its detention center.

The Human Rights Watch organization and the Committee for the Protection of Journalists called on the regime of Nicolás Maduro to “immediately withdraw from absurd charges” in a statement.

«With nostalgia I tell you; Long live Venezuela free! The vergudos do not ask for clemency that is very clear to them. For the press, silence is a crime and I will not silence, ”Medina concluded in the letter.


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