PDVSA Gas workers demand job improvements and the answers shine because of their absence


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For more than a month, PDVSA Gas workers in Anzoátegui state have been addressing managers to demand improvements in their working conditions, however responses and solutions have not appeared anywhere.

According to a statement made by one of the technicians in the operational maintenance area, the salary they receive at the José Antonio Anzoátegui plant is «paupérrimos» 70,000 bolívares.

In addition, they sent a letter to the director Alejandro Angulo, because they also do not have health insurance and due to the lack of medical attention deaths have occurred, El Tiempo website said.

The workers also plan to hold a demonstration on September 4 on the outskirts of the PDVSA Gas building, located on Nueva Esparta Avenue, in the Venice sector of Anzoátegui state.


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