Corina Malpica, the booking expert behind amazing artists.


With just 30 years old, Corina Malpica opens her way in the competitive music industry in the United States. Thanks to her talent, she has been behind successful concerts as well as world tours of Latin American superstars such as Maluma, CNCO, Wisin, Silvestre Dangond and Carlos Vives.

Malpica, who studied industrial engineering, has great ability in the commercial world, for which she was seduced by the booking of shows, brands, sponsors, and has forged a career that looks to be very promising:

I am really passionate about fulfilling the goals of the artists when we managed to close concerts in countries and cities that we never imagined we could bring Latin music as well as strategic alliances with different brands.

Her passion for the music industry began in 2009 when she was 19 years old, while she was studying industrial engineering, a great friend of the family asked her for support for the events he was holding, hence her interest in the fascinating world of music.

In 2015 she decides to expand his knowledge and travels to the USA to study a master’s degree in business administration, while studying she returned to the music industry doing an internship for Carlos Vives’ team, here she was involved in the music industry again and awakens her passion a for this industry, after finishing her studies she is hired by a management company of great Latin artists, her beginnings were focused on restructuring the commercial department thanks to all the knowledge acquired by engineering and her previous experience in sales.

She has worked on successful music tours, starting with Maluma, CNCO, Wisin, Silvestre Dangond and then working exclusively for Carlos Vives. In addition to professional learning in the concert booking area, Corina Malpica highlights what it means to work alongside music legends like Carlos Vives: It has been one of the most special experiences in my life, to be able to work hand in hand with such a successful and real person. Who with a smile brightens the day of the whole team despite being on a constant tour.

Today she is working on her next adventure in which the music industry is once again the protagonist of her story.