The Ombudsman of Ecuador announced 8 deaths and 1,340 in protests


The last report of the Ombudsman’s Office specifies in 8 the number of deaths and in 1,340 those treated in health centers due to circumstances related to the protests, which for eleven days led indigenous and social movements against the decree that raised the price of fuels .

Of those killed, four registered Cotopaxi ID cards and three from Pichincha. The Universe could not identify the age or origin of Chilpe, data that does not appear in the Ombudsman’s report.

Raul Chilpe
Marco Humberto Oto Rivera (26 years old)
José Daniel Chaluisa Cuzco (40 years old)
Inocencio Tucumbi Vega (49 years old)
José Rodrigo Chaluisa (36 years old)
Abelardo Vega Caisaguano (41 years old)
Silvia Mera Navarrete (35 years old)
Édison Mosquera Amagua (29 years old)

Of the eight dead, the Ombudsman details five as victims of the confrontation with the Police. Among them Daniel Chaluisa and Marco Oto, who fell from the San Roque Bridge, in downtown Quito, while fleeing the persecution of the uniformed. The first died instantly, while the second died in the Eugenio Espejo hospital after being declared brain dead and then disconnected. “My brother was an honest person, not a criminal. He worked in a company for eight years, he was the one who supported my parents. Many people say that cops threw them, that they fell. We will reach the last consequences. The government must respond, ”said his brother Christian Oto.

José Chaluisa, leader of the community of Yanahurco, in Cotopaxi died in the vicinity of El Arbolito Park. He would have died of suffocation and overwhelmed, says the Defensoría.

They watched over Inocencio Tucumbi

In El Arbolito and that same indigenous community died Inocencio Tucumbi, a member of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie). In a video shared by Conaie, Inocencio’s son told how his father died: “We were struggling to enter the Assembly. It would be half past seven at night. Two policemen followed us to the Salesian University. The horsemen shot him in the head and my father died. I don’t want it to remain in impunity. ”