LAST MINUTE! Argentina delivers complaints to the Criminal Court on crimes of the Maduro regime


The Venezuelan Ambassador to Argentina, Elisa Trotta Gamus, highlighted the Argentine Government’s commitment to Venezuelan democracy, which was once again demonstrated with the delivery in the International Criminal Court of a report that includes allegations of torture, abuse and executions committed by the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.

On Tuesday, the Argentine Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Germán Garavano, presented in The Hague the document prepared with testimonies of Venezuelans based in Argentina, who were victims or witnesses of crimes committed by officials of the Chavez regime.

«The defense of human rights has no border. Faced with heinous crimes, which have been recognized by the UN High Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, cannot be neutral, because neutrality is complicity. For this reason, we Venezuelans are grateful for the firm commitment of the people and the Argentine Government to democracy and freedom, and that today is demonstrated again with this complaint before the International Criminal Court, which will be an impetus for justice and no remaining unpunished these violations, ”said Ambassador Elisa Trotta.

Between July 24 and August 22, the Argentine Government authorized an office and a telephone line so that Venezuelans could present their testimonies of the crimes suffered under the Maduro regime, with the aim of preparing this report that was presented in the International Criminal Court.