Venezuelan actor Carlos Cruz spoke hairlessly on the tongue in Entregrados


Venezuelan actor Carlos Cruz spoke hairlessly in the language in Entregrados, about his bad experience with senior executives of RCTV, a television channel where he worked for so many years.

The controversial statements began when asked what channel he preferred, whether Venevision or RCTV, to which he responded without a joke than the Colina channel, in which he always received good treatment even from the president of the company at that time.

“The‘ I am your tall corduroy ’is from the door out, so that the public believes it is so, but inside is the opposite. Maybe I win a lot of enemies right now, but I don’t care. The truth is that at RCTV we arrived at 6am in makeup and at that time Marcel Granier, president of RCTV arrived, but for him we did not exist. We said ‘good morning’ and he didn’t answer. ”

He said that the opposite was true on the Canal de la Colina: “When I arrived in Venevisión, I started doing ‘Cosita rica’, the day that the first chapter is transmitted, I came with Elba Escobar, and a man said ‘Carlos welcome ‘and give me a hug. And Elba tells me, do you know who he is? Víctor Ferreres is the president of Venevisión ”.

He explained that it struck Carlos, because he worked for many years in RCTV and never received a «good morning» from Marcel Granier or Eladio Lares. “They will not deceive me with the story that Radio Caracas is your friend, that is not the case. This is not going to be recognized by people who are going to fall on me and I don’t care, I owe myself to my work and my effort. The one who denies this and has worked there, is because it scares him. ”

He clarified that these statements have nothing to do with his political ideals. “I am not a Chavista, nor from the left, I have never been, nor was I. The Chavistas were those who promoted and defended RCTV executives, such as Winston Vallenilla, Roberto Messuti and Manuel “Coko” Sosa, supported by José Simón Escalona, ​​who was from the management of RCTV at the time, with the consent of Eladio Lares and Marcel Granier. »

He confessed that he had been waiting for a while to make a public complaint with all this, so that people realize the reality that was lived in the corridors of the Quinta Crespo canal. «Rctv had the ability to tell you that it was‘ your high pana, «while I watched Virgilio Galindo and Pedro Durán, leaving that channel crying for what José Simón Escalona did to them.”

He stressed that Winston Vallenilla and that generation of «knee on the ground» was created by Escalona himself and that management, but not expected after «the rebound of the rats they created.» Finally he said indignantly about his departure from Channel 2: “They forced me to resign because I did not accept what they wanted to pay me. And to me the RCTV drama manager, María Eugenia Marrero told me ‘don’t worry Carlos, who is surely hired by Venevisión’, with a lawyer sitting next to me ”.

“What I like about this new way of relating to those who see us is that we can tell the truth. And what I tell you is a fool to many, ”said Carlos.