Ñejo on the music of Sebastián Yatra: “Too much pupi, very cool”


Reggaeton singer Ñejo creates a new controversy in social networks after uploading a video in which he leaves Sebastián Yatra on the street and catalogs his songs as “very cool”.

The Puerto Rican shared a clip on his Instagram account that has given enough to talk about, because he says that Sebastián Yatra wants to sing a song with him and Dalmatian, but the reggaeton is not very sure since he considers his subjects and his «They don’t hit.»

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«I do not see myself recording with that ca * # $%, it is too pupi, very cool,» and stressed that if the Colombian wants to have Ñejo on his next song he must pay him first, as he has done in all his collaborations, according to the 44-year-old urban music performer.

He added that the success of Yatra’s songs is due to the fact that the country has money and pays everyone in the music industry to paste their songs. For its part, the Colombian so far has not manifested in this regard, but after these strong statements we do not know if he still wants to sing with Ñejo.