How sad it is to say goodbye! José José, the prince of the song, died


José José has died. The music is mourning again, this time it was the prince of the song who left this world forever. At 71 years of age, suffering from pancreatic cancer for several months he died in a hospital in South Florida, in the United States, according to media reports from his native Mexico.

José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, better known as José José achieved worldwide fame in 1971 with his interpretation of Roberto Cantoral’s ‘El triste’, at the OTI Festival; which subsequently led him to travel the world. Young and talented, he saw his popularity grow with radio hits like ‘Gavilán or Paloma’, ‘What happened’, ‘Love and love’ or ‘Good morning love’.

Laura Núñez, her personal assistant was in charge of spreading the sad news according to Televisa. José Joseé sold more than 250 million records; The image and voice of the artist reached the ears of the public not only in Mexico and the US, but also in Europe and Asia.

The deterioration of your health

José José did not arrive in 2000 in good condition: alcoholism and cortisol injections damaged his vocal cords. He had also been diagnosed with diabetes and pulmonary episema. Several years ago he contracted Lyme disease because of a bacterium, which caused severe paralysis of the left side of the body that eventually took away his ability to sing.

Because of that same bacteria, the interpreter suffered problems in the eyes, the larynx, the pharynx, a lung, the stomach and the intestines, due to what he confessed to have been about to commit suicide in the 1980s.

In March 2017, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and in June of this year José José had informed his followers that he was continuing his “therapies to get ahead”.