Trump banned entry of people close to the regime


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, prohibited the entry of both migrants and non-migrants to people who threaten the democratic institutions of Venezuela, at the same time that he decided to do so with the representatives of the government of Iran.





Through a statement it was reported that as of today, members of the Nicolás Maduro regime at the level of Vice Minister, or equivalent, and above, are prohibited from entering the United States. Likewise, all the officers of the army, the police or the Venezuelan National Guard in the rank of Colonel, or equivalent, and superior; All members of the organization known as the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela.




Similarly, all other foreigners acting on behalf or in support of the Maduro regime’s efforts to undermine or damage the democratic institutions of Venezuela or prevent the restoration of the constitutional government to Venezuela; foreigners who obtain a significant financial benefit from transactions or businesses with described persons, and the direct relatives of the described persons