Lima Group and International Group will support a solution for Venezuela


After the meeting on Tuesday, the joint Declaration of the Lima Group and International Contact Group was announced on Thursday, reaffirming their commitment to the recovery of democracy and human rights in Venezuela.

They said that one must act with a peaceful transition through transparent and free elections. They expressed concern about cases of human rights violations that are reflected in the report made by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet.

They add that there is an urgent need to immediately release all political prisoners and that they will continue to coordinate effective actions with other international organizations.

Dramatic humanitarian situation of the Venezuelan population, the publication of the first Humanitarian Response Plan and the increased assistance of the United Nations and other international humanitarian organizations were welcomed. They called for increased resources for humanitarian assistance and delivery options in accordance with internationally accepted principles.

They highlighted the serious diaspora that has forced more than 4.3 million Venezuelans to leave Venezuela, putting additional pressure on the countries of the region. Both groups recognized the efforts of the host countries, however, noted that the needs still far exceed their capabilities.

Both groups will continue promoting the rapprochement with other actors of the international community and will intensify their joint work, in a coordinated and complementary way, with the purpose of supporting a political, peaceful and democratic solution to the Venezuelan crisis.