havismo deputies are not government”: Delsa Solórzano


Delsa Solórzano, deputy of the National Assembly (AN) said Wednesday that the regime of Nicolás Maduro was not a government, which is why they were not «afraid» to leave empty chairs.

In an exclusive interview for Caraota Digital, he said the regime was usurping charges that did not correspond to them institutionally.

«In the National Assembly we have tried to continue being useful for the people, in spite of the encirclement, that we do not have salaries, although clearly the usurper regime has tried to take away all our functions, we try to continue being useful for the people », Said Solórzano.

The parliamentarian said that if Chavism was going to go to the AN to allow them to be useful for Venezuelans, «welcome, otherwise, it is complicated, and I want it to be clear that we are not going to wear out in useless debates.» .

He reiterated that they will continue to do their job. In addition, he considered the interventions of the regime’s bench in Parliament useful, since he ratified the reason why 95% of the country «today rejects the bank of usurpation and all that they represent.»

«Chavismo should never have left, because they were elected, that those citizens who voted for Chavismo at the time have repented, is another issue, but the reality is that they are elected, and the reality is that as they are so lazy, they haven’t been to work for more than a year, ”he said.

He recalled that only elected deputies would be admitted, and that they would not allow those who lost the title to accept other public office, since that was usurpation of duties.