DD Council H H. urges Maduro to abide by Bachelet’s report


The United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday adopted a resolution asking the Nicolás Maduro regime to comply with the recommendations that High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet presented in July, including the end of excessive use of force, extrajudicial executions and torture.

The resolution was passed with 18 votes in favor, 23 abstentions and six votes against – from countries such as Peru, Argentina or Brazil – that considered the document too compromising with Venezuela and will make Maduro «assume no responsibility for the serious human rights violations ».

The approved resolution, sponsored by Iran (Maduro’s ally country), asks Venezuela to comply with the report presented by Bachelet, shortly after the commissioner visited Venezuela, the international news agency EFE reported.

That report denounced, among other crimes, more than 6,000 murders committed by Venezuelan security forces since January 2018, and therefore demanded the investigation of these and other human rights violations and the release of political prisoners, among other demands.

The resolution passed on Thursday shows its support for that Bachelet report – despite Maduro himself considering it full of «lies, falsehoods and manipulations» – and asks Caracas to cooperate with the Human Rights Council.

In a concession to the Venezuelan regime, the resolution expresses its concern over the imposition of sanctions on the country by the United States, which Maduro’s ambassador to Geneva, Jorge Valero, once again described as «criminals and genocides.»

The countries of the European Union in the Human Rights Council, including Spain, chose to refrain from considering that the document «was not enough when responding to the seriousness of the situation in Venezuela», in the words of the Danish ambassador in Representation of the 28 countries.

Meanwhile, Latin American countries distanced from the Lima Group, such as Mexico and Uruguay, voted in favor of the resolution sponsored by Iran.