Clarito and scraped! Moreno: Venezuela has a catastrophe and irresponsible government


The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno began his speech naming the peace of the countries and tolerance, thanked the UN and emphasized that Ecuador has received more than 500 thousand Venezuelans in his country. «More than 500 thousand Venezuelans are victims of the crisis, they tell us that there is no food, no health. They leave their land for a better future, nobody leaves everything for nothing ».

He also mentioned that they have treated all Venezuelan migrants until August and called on the international community to help Venezuela out of a catastrophic and irresponsible government.

He stressed that Ecuador became host to the annual Migration Forum, after receiving the Venezuelan diaspora.

In his speech he involved the issue of the climate crisis by calling on the internal problems and protection of the planet, emphasizing nuclear weapons. «The planet earth is limited in size and resources, there is still violence and the creation of nuclear weapons. You have to pay attention to the use of massive weapons ».

He made reference to prevent an atomic war, where humanity will be the victim of harmful and genetic diseases. «Global problems affect us all, an atomic war would affect us with harmful and genetic diseases. Nothing that is human is alien.

Moreno at the end of his speech, did not stop supporting human rights, freedom of expression, gender equality, respect for the environment, diversity and solidarity.