Trump: «Maduro sold Venezuela to the dictatorship of Cuba»


The president of the United States, Donald Trump declared at the beginning of a meeting in New York with opposition and Latin American leaders on Venezuela, in which the United States announced that it will dedicate 118 million dollars more to face the Venezuelan crisis.

President Trump said that “We will be with Venezuelans until they reach freedom. Our sanctions are concentrated in all the ways by which Maduro. We are getting help to Venezuela but the Maduro regime does not make it easy. ”

He also called Nicolás Maduro ruthless and corrupt who sells his country to the dictatorship of Cuba, promising that Venezuela will have a peaceful exit from the regime. «Maduro has sold his country to a foreign dictatorship, to that of Cuba. There have been horrors like no one would believe in Venezuela. We have resolved that the future of the Western Hemisphere will not be written by socialists or tyrants, but by patriots who love freedom, ”Trump said.

Mike Pompeo added that “The work of the Lima group signs a new era in Latin America. 94% of Venezuelan households cannot get food, the US wants to announce a new aid package to Venezuela. ” This is how La Patilla reviews it