Mitchell Zevallos triumphs in the United States


The talented Venezuelan is appearing in the city of Miami as an animator and nutritional specialist …


Venezuelan journalist and animator Mitchell Zevallos is triumphing in the territory of the United States thanks to two important presentations. The first one is oriented to the field of entertainment, and the production team of the “Chic a day” project (program broadcast on the EVTV Miami channel) requested the communication skills of this young man from Barcelona – Anzoátegui State – so that Week by week, capture some testimonials and opinions of public interest, controversial issues that are debated in various areas of the State of Florida.


As if that were not enough, a second project starring Mitchell has captivated several followers and experts in the fitness world; and it is that his passion for the sports field and nutritional content has allowed Mitchell to use various digital platforms to bring advice of this kind to all those who closely follow his artistic and sports career.


Zevallos’ work was internationalized about a year and a half ago “… when I decided to make my way in the entertainment industry. With this progress I wanted to demonstrate that with work and talent it is possible to break through in other territories of the world, ”he explained.


Returning to his role in “Chic a day” Mitchell can be observed from Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning on the Comcast, Roku, Apple TV, YouTube, or platforms. In these spaces, Mitchell discusses and transmits news of collective interest with his fellow employees Willy Martin, Pedro Padilla, Wilmer Ramírez, Kerly Ruiz, Gregorio Ávila, Rita De Martino, and Kristy Espinoza.


For more information you can follow him on the Instagram account: @mitchellzevallos