Hallan cadáver calcinado del exgobernador de Cojedes en su vehículo


The former governor of Cojedes, Jhonny Yáñez Rangel, was found dead on Wednesday in his vehicle that was cremated.

Yanez Rangel had a custodial by association to commit crimes and fraud.

The event journalist, Eligio Rojas, reported that the Toyota Corolla brand AG327KM vehicle was parked in the Bejarano sector, located on the old Caracas-Charallave road, with the corpse burned.

For its part, the police report reveals that a commission of the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (Cicpc) found that the vehicle housed a calcined corpse in the rear seats.

About the event there is a presumption of having been a murder because the former Chavista official was kidnapped on Tuesday when he was traveling on the road between the Metropolitan Clinic and Macaracuay, Baruta municipality (Caracas).

«A commission of homicides and anti-kidnappings of the CICPC was presented under the command of Commissioner Jesus Ramirez, accompanied by Inspector Daniel Villamizar who reported that the characteristics of the vehicle agree with the complaint filed yesterday where he was kidnapped in eastern CCS,» the report specified. .