Greta Thunberg the young fighter on the climate crisis in the United States



Bypassing Republican conversation points and Democratic flattery with equal annoyance, even friendly words were treated as reminders that she takes this much more seriously than most adults. Even those in the Subcommittee on Climate of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives. This is what CNN says

The young woman admits that she can be the most reluctant activist in modern times. However, in the era of Instagram filters and charismatic influencers, something about his raw honesty surrounding a message of fear of forceful force made Thunberg go from being invisible to global.

«As it stands now, people in general don’t seem to be very aware of the real science and the seriousness of this crisis,» he told scattered lawmakers and dozens of cameras at this week’s hearing. «I think we should inform them and start treating the crisis as the existential threat that it is.»

Convinced that humanity can «must» endure the hardest of truths, Thunberg left his «Skolstrejk för Klimatet» «School Strike for Climate» or «School Strike for Climate» sign, took a microphone and began a series of interviews about the end of life according to what we know.