Táchira: shock after finding the body of lawyer William Novoa


This Tuesday they found the broken, gagged and tied body of the Tachirense lawyer William Novoa, in his legal office located in Barrio Obrero, San Cristóbal.

The neighbors had alerted the authorities that they perceived a strong smell of decay. They made several calls to the residence, but no one answered.

The event journalist Miriam Bustos reported through her Twitter account the murder of Novoa. «Regrettable the murder of the tachirense lawyer William Novoa. Today they found his body decomposed, bound and gagged, in his legal office in Barrio Obrero, ”he said.

The Web Nation reported that the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (Cicpc) is in place performing the inspection.

Novoa was president of the Business Advice and Training Center (Novacev). He also conducted the Legal Analysis program on the Táchira Regional Television (TRT) and granted interviews to national and regional media on the subject.