Borges in a meeting with Trump: «The regime is a wound for Latin America»


“There are people who are shocked when we say that no option can be ruled out. They say it is dangerous. But the really dangerous thing is that Latin America continues with that open wound that the Maduro regime means ”, in this way the commissioner of Juan Guaidó, deputy Julio Borges, declared during a meeting in which the leaders of the whole region joined together to US President Donald Trump.

He also insisted that all options remain the order of the day, but that this does not mean any risk to Venezuela, however, his speech was based on asking for more pressure on the regimes of Cuba and Maduro.

«All countries must take action against the dictatorship of Cuba, they must feel the consequences of keeping our country kidnapped,» Borges said in his participation.

Borges insisted that the region should pressure Europe to take pressure measures against the regime of Nicolás Maduro. For his part, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, said Maduro has sold his country to Cuba and said that the consolidation of the forces of socialism cannot be allowed.

“We cannot allow the forces of socialism to consolidate, the future of this hemisphere will not be described by dictators. Venezuela and Cuba will finally know what freedom is, ”Trump said.