Holmes Trujillo on the Tiar: there is no doubt that it is a transcendental step


The Colombian Foreign Minister and President of the Consultative Body of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (Tiar), Carlos Holmes Trujillo, said Monday that the adoption of the resolution on Venezuela is a momentous step, that there is no doubt about it.

During an interview broadcast by NTN24, he stressed that all the efforts they are making to recover democracy in Venezuela will achieve «sooner rather than later there is a change in Venezuela.»

Holmes Trujillo said that all the decisions they support are based on legality. And that this new action undertaken by the member states of the Tiar «will be very useful for the persecution of people close to the regime who are involved in crimes,» he said.

He also welcomed one of the mechanisms that are cooperation networks in each of the states that belong to the Tiar.

Regarding the decision of Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay that the former abstained and the other voted against, he stressed that he respects the decision of each State but that the most important thing is that the resolution was approved “by the vast majority of the members of the Tiar. ”