Vitamin: The losing clown won it all


Lexi Torres is a physical education teacher, actor, laugh therapist and Venezuelan clown art teacher who gives life to «Vitamin», a charismatic clown who became famous for being the first Venezuelan to participate in one of the most Seen from the US: America’s Got Talent.

During his presentation, he did not receive the comments he expected from scout Simon Cowell, however, this is an inspirational story as he went far enough to prove that it can be done. It is not a story of failure, but what is found after when things do not happen as we expected.

“Of course it was a difficult time not to have gone to the next level because I have been living in this trade for years. I did it when I was in Venezuela and continued to leave my country and had never received a setback of this magnitude. This show represented for me a giant platform … but it made me evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, ”explained Lexi Torres.

Similarly, clown art teacher added: “It was certainly time to reinvent myself to offer humor to a new culture. This has given me strength to continue working in a more structured way and with a better vision. That day in America’s Got Talent, before millions of viewers, Vitamina did not lose, she just tripped to mature and grow stronger. ”

This moment, which for some can be seen as disappointing, for Vitamina it was a metamorphosis of his character, an event in which he understood that “stumbling blocks are motivational pills for those who do magic” and is in the creative process of important projects personal

“I am making different presentations at city events and private shows. I recently finished recording a short film called #Like and I am producing a space for interviews with personalities who have been an example of self-improvement, emigrants with courage and success. This web show will be called CHARACTERS WITH VITAMIN and will be broadcast on my YouTube channel, ”said Torres.

«Vitamin» was born by chance in Barquisimeto, Lara state in the year 2000, when in a family producing children’s events, where Lexi worked, one of the clowns could not attend and was given the opportunity to give life to a character. Years later, he leads an artistic group called «Pharmacy of Humor» and since then this iconic clown began a long journey through Ecuador, Peru and Mexico where his universal personality was formed, before starting the difficult «American Dream».