Katherine Kabalance drives a new era of healthy desserts


Katheryne Kabalance starts in the healthy food market with a new line of desserts designed for those people with a balanced eating style but also looking for «sweet» alternative sugar-free refined, gluten-free and fat-free.

The specialist in nutrition and dietetics is present throughout the process of these healthy desserts, from the choice of organic ingredients, their thorough preparation, to the supervision of the personalized delivery of the final product.

The brand will have, in a first phase, presence in Venezuela and the United States and is in negotiations to take its recipe book to several countries in Latin America and Europe.

“They have no idea how many excuses people who refuse to change their lifestyle have presented to me. That’s why I created Kabalance, to raise awareness and show that healthy cooking is just as fun as eating junk, ”said the young Venezuelan nutritionist, based in Miami.

Graduated with a B.S in Nutrition & Dietetics and training in an IIN Health Coach, Katheryne is constantly searching for new knowledge to provide greater quality and quantity of alternatives for people to follow a balanced diet.

In the social networks of @kabalance you will find recipes, tips and some secrets of the healthy life of this nutritionist. “I love what I do and I am super committed. Those who want to change to a healthier life can follow me, write me and I will gladly answer all your questions, ”concluded Katheryne Kabalance.