Guaidó y Zambrano se reunieron por primera vez este 19Sep tras excarcelación


The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó met Thursday with the first vice president of the National Assembly (AN), Edgar Zambrano after his release.

The second vice president of Parliament, Stalin González, also met at the meeting through the Twitter account of the Transitional Government (@Presidencia_VE).

Centro de Comunicación Nacional

Presidente (e) de Venezuela, @jguaido, se reúne con el primer Vicepresidente de la Asamblea Nacional, @edgarzambranoad, tras su excarcelación.

Los acompaña el segundo vicepresidente del Parlamento, Dip. @stalin_gonzalez.

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14:43 – 19 sept. 2019
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Edward Rodriguez
Hoy recibimos a nuestro vice presidente de la ⁦@AsambleaVE⁩ diputado ⁦@edgarzambranoad⁩ , tras su excarcelación. Los principios no se negocian

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16:59 – 19 sept. 2019
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Zambrano was arrested last May on charges of treason after he supported the events of April 30, led by Guaido and Leopoldo López.

The parliamentarian was released on Tuesday after four months unjustly detained, one day after Nicolás Maduro signed an agreement with minority parties.

So far this year, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of the regime has appointed 17 deputies and 2 alternates for «treason,» one of them is Zambrano.

The National Assembly approved an agreement to ratify Juan Guaidó as president in charge of the country, until the cessation of usurpation in Venezuela is achieved.