New blackout occurred this 12Sep in Caracas


The city of Caracas suffered a new blackout after an electrical failure that caused some areas to remain without service on Thursday afternoon, including part of the Miranda state.

Some areas of Caracas that suffered the electric downturn: El Cafetal, Bello Monte Hills, El Hatillo, Los Naranjos, Terrazas del Ávila, La California Norte, Baruta, La Trinidad, Macaracuay, La Castellana, Los Cortijos, La Urbina.

On the part of the Miranda state, the sectors are: Chacao, San Antonio, Los Teques, Valles del Tuy, Santa Fe, La Almeda, Guatire, Chacao, Charallave, Altamira, Petare, Guarenas, Guatire.

More than two and a half hours counts more than 80% of the Altos Mirandinos without electricity, it is the second blackout that is registered in the area in less than 24 hours.