Mexico concerned about the persecution of Venezuelan deputies


Although Mexico joined the international concern for the persecution of Venezuelan deputies, as well as the violation of their parliamentary immunity, but nevertheless decided to abstain in the vote this Wednesday, during the meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of the American states to reject the persecution of deputies.

“We have been following up the complex situation that Venezuela is going through, so we reiterate our concern for the dynamics that have altered the tranquility and prosperity of its people, as well as for the human rights situation, the right to due process and the inviolability of parliamentary immunity in that country, ”said the Mexican ambassador to the OAS, Luz Elena Baños.

Although it expressed concern, Mexico decided not to participate in the vote to demand the cessation of the persecution of Venezuelan deputies.

He also said that although his country does not belong to the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (Tiar), he must issue a pronouncement and «categorically reject» a possible activation of military force because it is a «threat.»

In the opinion of Baños, the resolution proposed on Wednesday goes beyond unacceptable for the socialist policy of Mexico that does not recognize Juan Guaidó as president in charge of Venezuela.