Borges predicts a «new phase of pressure» with the Tiar


The presidential commissioner for Foreign Relations, Julio Borges, highlighted on Wednesday the victory that represents the convening of the consultation body of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Support (Tiar) in the OAS.

In his Twitter account, he said that this measure «opens a new phase of pressure against the dictatorship.» He said the measure is further evidence that the region recognizes the regime’s threat to the continent.

«Today’s achievement is a result of the work of the National Assembly, President Juan Guaidó, Ambassador Gustavo Tarre Briceño and the democratic leaders we have fought to get out of this dictatorship,» he said in his Twitter account.

He also highlighted the attitude of a large part of the international community in supporting the Venezuelan people and their willingness to «not allow a failed State.»

Finally, he urged the Venezuelan people to maintain internal pressure and follow the resistance to achieve change.

This Wednesday the Organization of American States (OAS) created the consultation body on activation of the Tiar in Venezuela.