On the Venezuelan border they survive without bolivars because nobody wants them


Surviving in Venezuela is the border area to Colombia is uphill for the inhabitants of the area, because to buy in almost any place the accepted currency is not the bolivar; and of these nobody wants to know why «they don’t work.»

A chronicle published by Infobae portal, showed what is the value of a bolivar against the economic reality of the country.

– How much kilo of pig?

Sitting in a plastic chair and with bare feet on the dry land, a man responds with a strong llanero voice:

– At five thousand five hundred a kilo, how many are you going to take?
The woman, who is not very satisfied with the answer returns to the price.

– Pesos (Colombians) or Bolívares?

The man gets up from the chair and laughs with mockery and annoyance replies:
– Pesos, my love. What is that of bolivars? Here the currency is the Peso.

«Nobody accepts these bolivars, that is useless,» he says sharply.
Cabizbaja, the woman approached the pig hanging from a tree and asked for a pallet to be weighed.

– Here you go, a kilo and a half.

The transaction closed at 8,250. She took rolled bills out of her bra and, like someone who drops a treasure, handed them to the man who took the grease off his hands with a dirty and torn shirt.