Deputy Omar González: «The conflict is not Venezuelan, it is a hemispheric threat»


«Terrorist groups act in Venezuelan territory (…) recently we saw a photo of military forces using the uniform of the Venezuelan army, this is not then a Venezuelan conflict but a hemispheric threat,” said the deputy of the Assembly Nacional Omar González, after the session held on Tuesday, September 10.

The deputy also mentioned the migration of almost 6 million Venezuelans due to the crisis in the country, a problem that now adds to the presence of foreign military forces controlled by the regime.

González also recalled that in July during a street session, the Venezuelan parliament approved the re-entry to the Tiar and that after the announcement by the country’s ambassador to the OAS, Tarre Briceño, said treaty will be submitted to the council for consideration. permanent.

On the other hand, in relation to a call for dialogue between the regime and the opposition, he declared that for other countries «it is comfortable to talk about an internal dialogue while the Venezuelan people are suffering from the terrible circumstances of a regime that has destroyed the country.»

In addition, the deputy spoke on behalf of the fraction 16 of July and said that ratification of Juan Guaidó in the presidency of the AN for 2020 and consequently in charge of the Republic is extemporaneous.

Report: Irene Mejías

Drafting: Rubén Carrillo