Guillermo Figueredo, the director of the videos of the new generation of artists in Venezuela


Guillermo Figueredo is one of the most sought-after Venezuelan directors today. He has been working on more than 50 productions with artists such as Jowell, Alexis and Fido, Andy Rivera, Lenny Tavarez, The Perfect Melody, Jonathan Moly, Sixto Rein, Gustavo Elis, Corina Smith, Aran ONE, Victor Drija, Guaco, Oscarcito, Víctor Porfidio, Víctor Muñoz, Romina Palmisano, Jesús and Yorky, Juan Miguel, Neutro Shorty, among others.

With only 25 years of age, this tachirense has become the favorite of the most important brands in Venezuela, creating iconic photographic and audiovisual pieces of commercials for brands such as Pepsi and Apolo Shoes.

But … What makes Guillermo Figueredo’s work different in this competitive world? He himself defines that the optics, the magic that offers his light and the psychology of the different cinematographic languages ​​that he manages make him unique, as well as his stories based on real personal experiences. In each of their works, viewers can feel identified with their narrative structure, music and image of the artist.

“There is nothing that gives me more pride than being a Venezuelan in Venezuela. I studied abroad always with the clear goal of working in my country and so far I have achieved it. Growing in parallel with the development of the music industry in Venezuela has been an extraordinary adventure. I have many projects already completed and others to be completed, but my promise of life is to continue doing what I like: directing, ”he said.

Guillermo Figueredo studied between Italy and Portugal, training in the career of cinematographic direction and as a good Venezuelan he returned to his country to put into practice all the knowledge acquired in the world of photography and cinema.

“In Venezuela there is talent to export and my job is to discover, show and highlight it. We still have many good things to do and the mission is to work to get this beautiful country forward, ”concluded Figueredo.