“Chic Al Día” comes with everything in September for the EVTV signal


The program will be conducted by Kerly Ruiz, Willy Martin, Pedro Padilla, Kristy Espinoza, Wilmer Ramírez, and Mitchell Zevallos, among other prominent communication professionals …

As of September 3, “Chic Al Día” begins its transmission cycle at 9 am on the EVTV signal; a project that can be enjoyed by various digital platforms, such as: Apple TV, YouTube, Roku, Comcast, and by the main address www.evtvmiami.com

The program will be conducted by Kerly Ruiz, Willy Martin, Mitchell Zevallos, Pedro Padilla, Kristy Espinosa, Wilmer Ramírez, Gregorio Ávila, and Rita De Martino. They will spread the most current and important topics in the world of international entertainment; a broadcast designed to please the Hispanic public in the United States, and many others that focus their attention on that signal.

Health, beauty, gastronomy, immigration information, hot gossip gossip and news of the world happening, are just some of the topics that this team will discuss from Monday to Friday in its different editions recorded in the city of Miami.

The responsibility of the artists who are contemplated in this project is the following: Kerly Ruiz will face issues related to fashion, health, beauty, and the fitness field. Willy Martin will announce the most viral and outstanding in the world 2.0. Pedro Padilla will discuss the hottest gossip of entertainment; while Mitchell Zevallos will present the opinions, topics and comments of people who want to discuss the news on the table.

For his part, Gregorio Avila’s particular sense of humor will be present at the most important events in Miami; Kristy Espinoza, will analyze the most relevant issues of the world event with her sharp and wise critical eye; Wilmer Ramírez will impose his taste in the most influential restaurants in South Florida. Meanwhile, Rita De Martino as an objective journalist will show all the information and the most outstanding news events of the world event.

This and more comes in September with «Chic Al Día»; an entertaining tour of the most relevant information world of the moment.

For more information follow the Instagram accounts: @ KerlyRuiz85 @WillyMartin @Pedrito_Padilla @KristyEspinoza @ElShowDeWilmer @RitaDeMartino @MitchellZevallos @GregoAvila and @evtvmiami

Photography: Josee Navarro (@joseenavarrov)