Vecchio: regime devalued the consular network in the US, subtracted documentation


The Venezuelan ambassador to the United States, Carlos Vecchio, said that the regime led by Nicolás Maduro, devalued the US consular network, where they stole passports and documentation, and never provided a good service.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, he said that now they intend to «continue cheating with a service that they are not even able to provide in Venezuela.» This was in response to a tweet from the journalist, Idania Chirinos, who questioned the attitude of the regime.


That’s right @IdaniaChirinos. They devalued the consular network in #EEUU, stolen passports and documentation. Now they intend to continue cheating with a «service» that they are not even able to provide in #Venezuela.

The #Consular Unique Registry is on the web web…

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Idania Chirinos

The consular registry that Ambassador @carlosvecchio implemented in #EEUU hurt them. Why had the regime not done so before? The #venezolanos in #USA register is here ?…

13:48 – Sep 8 2019
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Chirinos wrote: «The consular record that Ambassador Carlos Vecchio implemented in the US hurt, why the regime had not done so before.»

This response came after the official of Nicolás Maduro, Jorge Arreaza, announced “activation of consular procedures in the United States,” according to September 6.

It is by chance or causality that the regime announced this implementation, after Carlos Vecchio, informed that the only consular record for Venezuelans in the United States is through, to “ensure the protection of all Venezuelans who They are in the North American country. ”

The Maduro regime broke off diplomatic relations with the Donald Trump government on January 23, claiming that Americans breach their obligations set forth in the Vienna Conventions on diplomatic and consular relations.

That same day, Juan Guaidó assumed the presidency in charge of Venezuela, and days later he announced Carlos Vecchio as the ambassador to the United States, and thus he was recognized by the government chaired by Donald Trump.