«The theft of the people of Venezuela has to stop»: James Story in charge of US business


The sanctions against the Maduro regime and its environment do not affect Venezuelans, but those who do not want to leave power and leave without food, medicine and assistance to citizens suffering from the crisis inside and outside the country. The US government insists that aid to provide assistance to Venezuelans is increased and is willing to supply Venezuelans with raw material to generate food, even of American origin.

Blocking the theft of the wealth of Venezuela, is the objective of the sanctions, to guarantee a future for Venezuelans when there is a political change in that country, is one of the clarifications that Story emphasizes.

Any government, company or individual that wants to do business with Maduro or its surroundings, is in the sights of the United States government, because for the functioning of the state department, it is a way to avoid the economic siege that the Trump administration has established to pressure him to leave power and on the way to a democratic transition.

The amount of money that has left Venezuela, and its whereabouts are unknown, is around US $ 200,000 million and with the sanctions it is sought that that money cannot be mobilized or used for any transaction involving Maduro or any of the members of their environment and they are also sanctioned by the Trump administration and the treasury department.

The business manager insists, again and again, that the blockade of accounts, assets and in general the sanctions do not affect ordinary Venezuelans, not ordinary citizens; This is directed towards Maduro’s dome and against anyone who wants to help him financially.