Fractions of the AN announced support for Guaidó as president (E) until the usurpation ceases


Various political organizations that represent the minority fractions of the Unit and the national Parliament, announced on Thursday that they will support Juan Guaidó as president in charge of Venezuela, until the cessation of the usurpation of the presidency by the regime of Nicolás Maduro is achieved.

The 17 organizations asserted that Guaidó has led an arduous struggle that almost 60 countries have recognized and has won the massive support of the Venezuelan people.

Parliamentary factions said in a statement that Guaidó as leader has managed to unite the country around «a cause that, at times, seemed to faint before the brutality of a criminal regime, and has given hope and guidance to the struggle that as Venezuelans we decided to undertake until it expires ».

Convinced that there is still a way to go and that the international community also seeks to defend democracy in Venezuela, the minority political organizations of the AN decided to clear any uncertainty about the Presidency in Charge detailing that Guaidó will continue to lead the country.

List of organizations:
1. Copei Legitimo Odca
2. Venezuela Project
3. Republican Movement
4. Liberal Force
5. NOE unit
6. Move
7. Pdupl
8. Democratic Left
9. United for Venezuela
10. Parlinve (National Indigenous)
11. Cause R
12. Clear Accounts

And organizations with regionals

14. Tison (Anzoátegui)
15. Guajira Ven (Zulia)
16. Aprisal (Zulia)
17. Society (Zulia)