Exclusive: parents of Belankazar girls demand to eliminate the image of the minors and not subject them to derision



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At least 39 representatives of the girls who belong to the Belankazar modeling academy went to Caraota Digital to demand that they cease to misrepresent information about the facts that led to the arrest of the academy executives and asked that faces be stopped publishing of minors as they are subjected to public scorn.

The parents of the little ones detailed that the girls and themselves have been victims of questions and bullying.

They also said they had no knowledge about the private session of the page and the collection in foreign currency.

Parents asserted that information about the use of photographs outside the activities of the academy was hidden.

The Public Prosecutor’s representatives ask for a thorough investigation of the facts.

It should be clarified that Caraota Digital has not published, by editorial decision, any photo about the affected girls. The relatives of the adolescents approached this medium, among other reasons, for that.

Official statement
A group of representatives of the girls of the Belankazar modeling academy demand that public opinion and the media stop misrepresenting the facts that led to the arrest of the three executives of the agency.

We feel that our daughters were exposed to public scorn and victims of bullying due to the activity of third parties.

Some of the photos and videos were published without the approval of the representatives. In addition, we had no knowledge of the private session of the page and the foreign exchange of the academy. None of the families made a profit from the activity.

Different offices of the agency in Boleita and Sabana Grande. Information about the different use of images outside the activities of the academy was hidden from us.

Likewise, we demand that the comments of hatred towards the parents cease and we reiterate to the media to rectify the publication of what they called «news» because they failed to comply with article 65 of the Lopna.

The environment of the girls has been affected, nobody watches over the psychological damage of the little ones, many do not want to go to classes, cry daily and want to put aside their dream. This despite the fact that on multiple occasions they won the representation of Venezuela outside the country.

Therefore, under the advice of Cecodap, we demand:

-To the media that the publications showing the image of the girls and their names that they have made so far are deleted.

– To the Public Ministry to do a thorough investigation and protect the girls of the Belankazar modeling academy.