Almagro does not rule out the «use of force» to get the Maduro regime out of Venezuela


The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, accused Venezuela on Friday of sheltering terrorist groups, such as the Lebanese Hizbullah organization or members of Colombian guerrillas, and pointed to Cuba of wanting to maintain the regime of Nicolás Maduro to ensure Venezuelan oil shipments .

Almagro, who participated in the Toronto Global Forum, said during his speech at the meeting that ends today that the allegations of the Maduro plot system to take him out of power «have no credibility» and that, on the contrary, he is the president Venezuelan who gives «shelter to terrorists.»

«The Maduro regime is the one that is giving shelter to terrorist groups such as Hizbulá, such as the Iranians, the drug cartels, the ELN (National Liberation Army of Colombia) or FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) dissidents» said Almagro.

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) argued that he does not believe that there has been «no attempt to remove Maduro from power,» said the international agency EFE.

«Maduro is a dictator,» Almagro said.

Nor did Almagro close the door to the use of force to change the Venezuelan regime, although he specified that it would have to be within the international legal framework.

«The military solution is not legal according to international law. But there are instruments that we cannot ignore such as the responsibility to protect and humanitarian intervention. The use of force is a resource that is possible. But within the framework of international law, ”he explained. On Cuba, the main supporter of the Maduro regime in the region, Almagro declared that it is an obstacle.

“The 22,000 Cubans in Venezuela make the situation even more complicated because Cubans are not willing to give up the oil that Venezuela sends them. So they will continue, ”he explained.

Almagro’s position regarding the role of Cuba contrasts with that of Canada, one of the promoters of the Lima Group and which maintains a frontal confrontation with the authorities of Caracas, and places him in the positions of the United States.

Canada believes that Cuba has a constructive role in the search for a negotiated solution and, so far this year, the foreign ministers of Canada and Cuba have met three times to discuss the Venezuelan crisis.

Almagro was also skeptical about negotiations with the Maduro regime and accused the Venezuelan president of using them to «save time» and «relieve international pressure.»

«There has never been good faith on the part of the regime to negotiate,» he added.

Almagro denied that it has a double standard when it comes to treating Venezuela and other countries, such as Honduras or Nicaragua.