Timoteo Zambrano: «The negotiations are on pause and that is delicate»


The deputy of the National Assembly, Timoteo Zambrano, described on Wednesday that the negotiations between the officials of the Nicolás Maduro regime and the delegation of the president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, are on pause.

«The negotiations are paused and those pauses are not good, but delicate,» Zambrano said in an interview with the First Page program broadcast on the Venezuelan channel Globovisión.

For Zambrano, the country’s crisis is resolved with dialogue. «Everything that is done in the country necessarily has to be jointly (…) I am not defending the Government, I defend a negotiation process because I deeply believe in the dialogue».

A few days ago, Maduro Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, a member of the official delegation in the negotiations, said that the process «will surely» be resumed «with a rethought mechanism.» While the second vice president of the National Assembly, Stalin González, said they have never left the process and that «the regime was the one that stopped and left abruptly because he did not want to discuss the underlying issues.»

On the possible incorporation of the officials to the National Assembly, the deputy explained that the measure would be a recognition to the Parliament that the regime insists on calling it «usurper», «illegitimate» and «fraudulent.»

“In order to get out of the political crisis, both parties cannot continue to ignore and think about unilateral measures. Agreements should be sought depending on the country, ”he concluded