María Conchita Alonso sang them to Reymar Perdomo for her official past


Actress María Conchita Alonso expressed all her discontent against the people who at some point benefited from the government of Nicolás Maduro, including Reymar Perdomo, the singer who has become viral on social networks.

And it is that perdomo, interpreter of I left, subject that dedicated to the Venezuelan immigrants watered by the world, has a dark past that is not afraid to hide, because it was a follower of the ideology that supports the government of Venezuela, which is unforgivable to Alonso

“Many will tell me… I answer that I forgive repentant Chavez who did not benefit from the regime, who were deceived, but NOT those who filled their pockets… Would they share that money doing social work? I doubt it, although I wish I were wrong. Do you show us otherwise? Is that ticket from Venezuela? ”, The Cuban-Venezuelan wrote on her Instagram account.

But Reymar after claiming that past, now went to other lands in search of a better future ironically, and has tried to turn his theme into the anthem of immigrants. Even for this musical production, she managed to gather more than 15 artists of different genres to accompany her on this theme.

In addition, Perdomo is linked to the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Jpsuv) and is also allegedly the daughter of Mary Perdomo, director of the Institute of Culture of the Guárico state.