Jaime Bayly likes to «be the woman» when he is with a man


Peruvian writer Jaime Bayly gave strong statements in the interview made by Argentine journalist Luis Novaresio, in which he told details of intimate life.

Bayly revealed that straight men don’t know how interesting it is to experiment with people of the same sex, so they should open their minds to new sexual practices that help you get more pleasure.

“They have no idea of ​​the pleasure they are missing, it is a matter of having a little boldness and how to tell and play creatively, ingeniously with the holes… We have been given some holes to do the basic things we all do, but with a little of imagination or inventiveness or mischief we can give enormously pleasant uses, ”said Jaime Bayly.

The Panama Century
# ESFrándula The Peruvian presenter and openly bisexual, Jaime Bayly, talks about his intimacy and confesses how he behaves in front of a man or a woman.

And he added: “when I am with a woman I like to be the man, when I am with a man I like to be the woman. I cannot be a man with the man and a woman with the woman. If I’m with a man, I’m a real lady. ”

It should be noted that Bayly, 54, is considered bisexual, since he has an open relationship with his wife Silvia Núñez, 30, with whom he lives «a kind of family happiness with a wife, with an 8-year-old son and puppy, that I thought was impossible and was not reserved for me, ”as he said months ago.