uan Pablo Guanipa asked for an opposition to concentrate efforts to leave Maduro


The legitimate governor of the Zulia state, Juan Pablo Guanipa, affirmed that they remain with the conviction that “we are all necessary to liberate Venezuela”, that is why he urged the opposition on Monday, to concentrate efforts on strengthening the objective that unites them: remove Nicolás Maduro from the presidency he usurps, without forging divisions in «right or wrong thesis».

In the opinion of Guanipa, who offered a press conference from the capital of Tachira, said that «any path is legitimate to get Maduro out,» amid the critical situation in which the country is, said a press release.

“Let us not embrace thesis but embrace the objective and that objective is to get Nicolás Maduro, to make this country breathe and to begin a process of reconstruction, in democracy, in freedom, with the rule of law, with respect to the Constitution and returning it the opportunities that have been taken from the Venezuelan people, ”he explained.

He argued that from a negotiation with guarantees, free elections to the pronouncement of the high command product of the pressure of the Venezuelan people or the organization of “the international community to exercise mechanisms that allow political change”, are legitimate ways in which far from being produced frictions or divisions, the vision that it is time for «union, work and struggle» must be assumed.

He also insisted that the exercise of internal pressure is urgent, through the «legitimate and constitutional right to protest,» in defense of the country. “We have had international support, more than 60 countries support Guaidó, the National Assembly and the Venezuelan people. An important support but not enough because we have to intensify the internal pressure and we have reasons to do so. We are all responsible for generating adequate pressure to forge the country to change. ”

According to Guanipa, in the current reality of Venezuela, the «key word is pressure»: political pressure, social pressure, institutional pressure, pressure in all orders «until deep change is achieved in Venezuela and it is the people who have the last word about the destiny of the Nation ”.

On the reasons for exercising the legitimate right to protest, he insisted that they abound and that the Venezuelan people know them very well, especially the Zulia and Táchira states, which as border states add up to other problems besides the whole complex national reality. “Public transport, provision of electricity, gas, water. All problems together; but we also face a dictatorship linked to drug trafficking, terrorism, paramilitarism, guerrillas and all the crimes of border life. ”

He regretted that the Armed Forces allow the Colombian guerrillas to «walk freely» through Venezuelan territory, while extorting and committing crimes against the people of Venezuela. “We all know that the Venezuelan guerrillas have had Táchira, Apura and Zulia as refuge. I can say that there are populations in the south of Lake Maracaibo that are taken by the guerrillas or by paramilitaries. ”