Yolimer Obelmejias responds to the teasing of Reinaldo Canelón


Venezuelan journalist Yolimer Obelmejias used her Instagram account to send a clear and concise message to the former Saturday night producer, Reinaldo Canelón.

Through her Stories, the show journalist expressed her dissatisfaction with the opinion and mockery of Canelón about her experience with Leopoldo Parada, who did not let her speak for a moment in the presentation of the red carpet of Miss Earth 2019.

«Reinaldo Canelón, I was never your friend, but I always treated you well and supported you when you were at Sony Music. The fact that he had a difference in a chat with you is not a sufficient reason for you to act as you do, ”reads the front lines.

Also, Obelmejias without hairs on the tongue advised him to look for a job that would generate money, keep busy and away from so much scandal.

«I want you to get a job where you generate money so you don’t have the need to attack and insult people who do, day by day,» he said.

It should be mentioned that everything is arises after Obelmejias and Parada were responsible for driving the red carpet of the Miss Earth 2019, in which who ended up stealing the show was the producer of Saturday night when he did not let even speak for a moment. his colleague, how strong!