September starts with WhatsApp in the lead… new version of the social network


This September comes with surprises to WhatsApp users, due to several developments in its arsenal, which will leave many speechless.

And is that the social network used by Internet users minute by minute, updates its version with features mentioned in previous releases.

These are some of the new features of the number one social network in messaging, which will reach iOS users first than Android:

Night mode
Users’ view will no longer be at risk due to the high or low levels of brightness of the screens.

This September, everyone’s vision can take a break with two themes of the messaging application: light and dark.

New stickers
The new platform brings up to 59 new stickers, some of them animated and with different themes for different tastes.

Cross platform whatsapp
What perhaps many have expected is to be able to use the messaging application on different devices without depending on the cell phone.

In September you can have whatsapp on different screens, without clashing with each other.

Imagen editor
Another of the advances in this new version is the edition of photographs within the application.

This implies a saving of time, before sending the attached file.

QR code, states and boomerang
Among all these advances that WhatsApp brings in September, contacts with QR code can also be shared with other acquaintances.

Publishing states on the social network is not a novelty, but it will be if they are also automatically sent to our Facebook profile, reviewed the portal 20 minutes.

And perhaps the most successful function on Instagram also comes to Whatsapp, and that is that boomerang can be performed.