Apple, Samsung and Huawei: demanding in the world of smartphones


Apple, Samsung and Huawei every day have more demands in the world of smartphones, consumers are not surprised so easily.

There are clear signs that the user no longer easily changes their phone year after year, something that has manifested itself in an obvious market downturn. In recent years, it went from quintupling sales between 2010 and 2016 to becoming almost stagnant for the past three years, according to data projected in Statista.

Apple has a serious problem, Samsung breathes and nothing can stop Huawei
Panorama: Samsung breathes
One of the points to highlight is the fact that South Korean technology had a rebound when selling 75 million smartphones in the second quarter, which allowed it to gain market share, reaching 20.4% higher than the 19.3% registered for the same period in the year 2018.

This rebound is attributed thanks to the good reception by the consumer of its Galaxy A series, the rebranding of the entire mid-range with which it will fight Huawei.

The negative part is that although the new line increased sales, the Galaxy S10 does not end up emerging, since sales in the second quarter of this year were weak.

Apple and a serious problem
Although he has recognized that his goal is that his business model ceases to depend on the iPhone, it does not mean that he gave up being one of the best selling products worldwide. Its technology, the prestige of the brand and design require it.

However, it does not stop falling into sales. According to Gartner, Apple’s smartphone sold 38 million units, which meant a drop of 13.8%, resulting in a lower market share, located at 10.5%, below the 11.9% registered in 2018.

Huawei takes everything
Chinese technology seems to have planned well the defense against blockades in the United States.

Huawei sold 58 million smartphones globally between April and June, although it suffered a considerable impact after it was blacklisted in Washington last May.

The reasons point to a good marketing job for the positioning of the brand and its promotions.

The trend is clear.
The market is declining, which is why in the future it must be translated into a change by the three big brands, if they want to survive.

Although Samsung managed to recover ground, the Galaxy S series, the brand’s main bet, and for which it invests more in marketing, is not having the expected returns.

Huawei for its part if it is growing in sales with its P and Mate series.

Apple is in serious trouble because the iPhone has not only lost sales, but also in terms of brand recognition because many see in its competition greater innovation and design.