The US wants to help Brazil recover the Amazon but without the G7


Only working together with the government of Brazil is the way in which the United States wants to collaborate to recover the damages caused by the fire in the Amazon, and Bolsonaro accused several members of the G7 of wanting to “buy” the autonomy of Brazil with help financial

“We did not agree with a G7 initiative that did not include consultations with the government of @jairbolsonaro. The most constructive way to assist Brazil’s current efforts is in coordination with the Brazilian government, ”wrote the spokesman for the US National Security Council, Garrett Marquis, on Twitter.

Garrett Marquis


The US stands ready to assist Brazil in efforts to combat fires in the Amazon. We didn’t agree to a G7 initiative that failed to include consultations w/ @jairbolsonaro. The most constructive way to assist w/ Brazil’s ongoing efforts is in coordination w/ the Brazilian Gov. (1/2)

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Likewise, Donald Trump expressed his full support to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who held a discussion with Emmanuel Macron, after accusing him of «lying» for «not respecting his climate commitments» and evoked the possibility of granting an «international status» for the jungle of the Amazon. The Brazilian president demanded a “retraction,” said the international news agency AFP.