Ortega Díaz: Cilia Flores has evidence to blackmail El Aissami


Cilia Flores has information and evidence that commits Tareck El Aissami to blackmail him, revealed Venezuela’s attorney general in exile, Luisa Ortega Díaz.

He showed during an interview in the Code 58 program, broadcast TV Venezuela, a letter sent to him in 2017 by Reinaldo Muñoz, who occupies the Office of the Attorney General of the Maduro regime, requesting information on investigations that the Public Ministry had against him Aissami linked to drug trafficking.

“He asked me for information on cases in the Public Ministry against Tareck El Aissami related to cases in the United States. And then I find out that Cilia Flores was behind that letter, together with Reinaldo Muñoz, to play a joke on Tareck El Aissami (…) Cilia Flores has long been behind El Aissami, not to do justice, but as they move the criminals, to have a tool in their hands and blackmail it, ”he denounced.

The Prosecutor claimed to have evidence linking El Aissami with illegal activities, and said she has shared them with US agencies.

“Documents, copies, information, witness statements that compromise his responsibility not only with drug trafficking, but also with terrorism. His brother also (…) I have the statement of a senior public official who says he witnessed facts that compromise El Aissami with Hezbollah, ”he said.